How Mistreating Your Hair Can Lead to Hair Loss

How Mistreating Your Hair Can Lead to Hair Loss

Hair loss can come from a variety of different factors, including genes, stress levels, eating habits, and overall health. However, not many are aware of the fact that their day-to-day hair habits such as how they wear their hair, how much heat they apply to their hair, the temperature of the water they wash their hair in, and the products and how many products they use can cause hair loss. That is why we believe it is important to educate others so that they can prevent further damage to their hair and ultimately prevent hair loss from occurring.

 Wearing Your Hair Too Tight

Have you ever heard of the saying “beauty is pain?” Normally, this is said when someone is doing something beauty related that can induce or cause pain. This includes anything from creating a hairstyle that can be painful, wearing an accessory that causes pain, or handling the hair in a rough or hurtful manner. Painful hairstyles include any look that could irritate the scalp, such as braids, up do’s, ponytails, buns, hair extensions and weaves or any style that is made or applied too tight. The reason that tight or painful hairstyles could lead to hair loss, is because the tension created causes the follicles to become stressed, ultimately creating more damage to the hair which causes it to fall out. Consistently tugging or pulling on the hair and scalp to create tight hairstyles can even cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia and is a medical condition in which hair loss occurs gradually due to weakened hair follicles.

A way to avoid traction alopecia or to prevent further damage to your hair is to loosen up your hairstyles and make sure that you are not tugging or pulling on the scalp. If a hairstyle or hair accessory is causing discomfort from tightness or pulling on the hair, we recommend to loosen it enough until you no longer feel discomfort or avoid applying the accessory or the hairstyle as a whole.  

 Applying Heat

We have all applied a little too much heat to our hair and our food at least once in our lives, but did you know that applying too much heat to your hair could promote hair loss? Yes, you read that correctly. Everyday styling and heat could cause the hair follicle to become brittle and weak, which leads to hair loss from breakage. Applying heat to the hair causes enough damage as it is, as hot tools allow for the formation of bubbles inside the hair shaft that causes the hair to thin and break off at the ends. The same can be applied to washing your hair with hot water.

High water temperatures can also cause the hair to become brittle and weak, as it strips the necessary natural oils from the scalp, leaving the hair with no other option but to fall out in the long run. 

Behold the sight of split ends, this is a sign that your hair is experiencing heat damage and it is time to take necessary measures to protect your hair. We recommend to use lower heat settings on your hot tools and using colder water to wash your hair, we also recommend using a heat protectant spray to avoid further damage. 

Using Too Many Products

Using too many products on your hair or applying too much product onto the hair and scalp could cause hair damage which may lead to hair loss. That is why it is important to use simple and organic products on your hair. Less is more, especially when it comes to hair care. The reason why applying too much product on the hair could cause hair loss is because it can weigh the hair down, causing it to fall out. The ingredients in such products may also contain high amounts of alcohol along with other harmful chemicals that wreak havoc onto the hair and scalp. The harsh ingredients in some products can cause the hair to become weak and brittle, leading to breakage and hair loss over time.

To avoid this issue, we recommend simplifying your hair care routine by using products that are made with simple and natural ingredients that target not only the hair but the scalp as well. The Active Care At-Home Treatments and 3-step kits are perfect if you are looking to simplify your hair products because of the way they are made. The simplicity of the at-home scalp care programs stems from their individual formulas that are customized to the scalp and hair issue. These 4 different formulas consist of products that are made by combining properties of plants with active ingredients that work together to restore the health and beauty of the scalp and hair. Each product is also labeled in the order of the step so that you don’t have to guess what to apply and when to apply it. 

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