How to Take Care of your Scalp During Quarantine

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There has probably never been a better time to start taking self-care to another level than now, so why wait any longer to start taking care of your scalp? As most of the country, as well as the rest of the world, find themselves at home and unable to go anywhere, the majority of us can spend more time with our families, our pets, as well as ourselves. Since hair salons and hair supply stores across the country are now closed, there are still ways to ensure that you are taking proper care of your hair and scalp during quarantine.

Why should I take care of my scalp?

First thing is first, the reason it is crucial to take care of your scalp is that it is the foundation for the growth of your hair. The scalp is defined as being the skin on the top of the head where the hair grows, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary. The scalp is skin, and like the skin on your face and body, it should be properly taken care of for the hair to grow healthy as well. When the scalp is dirty, irritated, oily, dry, or is not healthy, one may have trouble with hair growth as they may experience hair loss and breakage. This is why it is important to make sure that the scalp is washed correctly, maintained, and stimulated for proper hair and scalp health. 

How can I take care of my scalp?

Luckily there are a few different ways that one can take care of their scalp from home. We will go through a few tips that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home to acquire a healthier scalp environment.



Scalp treatments are great, especially deep cleansing and exfoliating ones that get rid of any excess dirt, oils, or product build-up on the scalp. One DIY treatment we found was an exfoliating brown sugar and oatmeal scalp scrub. This particular scalp scrub is made of only three ingredients that will gently cleanse the scalp as well as moisturize and stimulate the hair follicle. It is the perfect scrub for those looking to exfoliate their scalp without any worry of leaving the scalp feeling dry or oily.


All you will need are equal parts of two tablespoons of brown sugar, two tablespoons of ground oatmeal, and two tablespoons of conditioner. Once you have all of the ingredients, you can mix them in a bowl and store the scrub in a small container. Once you are ready to use it, just grab a small amount and, in a circular motion, work the mixture onto your scalp. Rinse and repeat the next time you wash your hair.


Inversion method

The inversion method is used as a way to stimulate the scalp and, in turn, promote hair growth. The way it works is that you have to apply a hair oil of your choice such as coconut oil, Moroccan oil, or even grapeseed oil, to name a few, onto your scalp. After you apply the oil to the scalp, flip your head upside down and massage the oil on your scalp in a circular motion. It is said that for best results, repeat this method for about 2-5 minutes, and at least once a week. After some time, you should see visible results in the shine and health of your hair as well as some growth.


An at-home scalp therapy treatment combines the two methods mentioned above into one treatment that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home. A scalp therapy treatment is meant to restore the health of your scalp in a simplified manner. For example, Active Care has created 3 step kits that are designed to treat scalp related issues and make it easy to follow. Each at-home scalp therapy kit is categorized by what each kit is meant to target in regards to scalp related problems. For example, the Active Kit is for thinning hair, the Balance Kit is for oily scalp issues, the Comfort Kit is to treat sensitive scalp issues, and the Deep-Cleansing Kit is for those with dry, flakey scalp conditions. Each 3-step kit includes a serum, a shampoo, and a lotion that work together to help you achieve the cleanest and healthiest scalp experience. 

The products in each of the kits are made with plant extracts and essential oils that help combat scalp related issues and restore balance to promote healthy hair growth and a healthier scalp.

Some plant extracts used in each product include Pine, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemon, and Ylang Ylang, which can mostly be seen in the serums. Each serum is meant to be applied to the scalp in a circular motion and left on for about 15-20 minutes for optimum results. 

If you are looking to try something new during quarantine, or are looking for new ways to change your scalp and hair care routine, trying some of these tricks could be life changing for the health of your scalp and overall appearance of your hair. Let us know if you tried any of the tips mentioned in our blog and if they worked for you! If you are interested in more information about the scalp and hair, stay tuned for our future blog posts.

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Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez

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