Top 5 Benefits of Using Plant-Based Hair Products

Top 5 Benefits of Using Plant-Based Hair Products

We get it, you have been using the same hair care products for as long as you can remember, and although there are other options out there, you may be scared to try something new. However, it’s not always about trying out what is new or even sticking with what you have. There is more to hair products than just the fact that they can wash away dirt and oils. The truth is that the ingredients inside our hair care products are crucial to achieving healthier looking hair. With so many different products out there that promise to target different needs, show results after two uses, and claim to use magical ingredients, it can be overwhelming to find something that is best suited to you and your hair and scalp needs. To help you find your next hair care products that are good for your hair and scalp, we will be going over the benefits of trying out different hair care by discussing the top 5 benefits of using plant-based hair products.

What makes a product plant-based?

plant based

First things first, we need to discuss what makes a hair care product plant-based. In general, a product is considered plant-based if the ingredients are derived from plants, such as in the form of essential oils, plant extracts, and so much more. These plant-based ingredients are either added into the hair products or are made entirely of them. Plant-based hair products are essentially better for you and your hair because they make it easier for your scalp to absorb the good stuff, are gentle, help maintain the hair’s moisture, and are environmentally friendly, and they are natural.

 1. Easier to absorb the good stuff

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The difference between oil and other ingredients used to create hair products is that oils can penetrate deep into the hair follicle and activate the scalp to promote healthier hair growth. They act as a seal to retain moisture from the hair’s natural oils, add balance to the scalp as well as help to soothe it, reduce inflammation and itchiness, fight against dandruff and flakes, help condition the hair, add vibrancy and luster, and even give off a natural smell as a bonus.

2. Allergy Free / Gentle on the scalp

Another reason why plant-based hair products are suitable for the hair is that they are much more gentle than other hair products and tend to bio-genetically match with your body chemistry, which helps not cause irritation. Because they contain more natural ingredients and are less likely to cause allergic reactions to those who use such products, this makes it easy to transition into a plant-based hair product without worry about unwanted reactions taking place. This is also an excellent option for those with sensitivity or irritation on the scalp, as the plant-based products will help soothe such issues without creating further discomfort.

3. Maintains moisture 

Although we mentioned before that essential oils and plant-based ingredients help maintain and restore the hair's moisture, we thought we would elaborate on this. This is because not all hair products that are plant-based contain the same plant-based ingredients that help retain the hair's moisture. For example, Active Care is a plant-based brand with four different lines of scalp care products made with naturally derived ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts. These ingredients help maintain moisture in the hair while helping combat scalp conditions such as excess oils, irritation, dryness and flakes, and even hair thinning. Each product is formulated with ingredients that aim to bring back balance into the scalp and promote healthier hair growth. Therefore, you won't have to worry about which products contain such ingredients, as each line is formulated for specific concerns. To learn more about Active Care's scalp therapy lines or to try them out, visit:

4. Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly

Another reason to try plant-based hair products is because of its environmentally friendly nature. Most hair products in the market are typically made with harsh chemicals that end up in our waterways and eventually back into our foods. These chemicals can be cancerous and even dangerous to plant life and animals. These are things you should consider when purchasing your next hair care product, yet are hardly ever discussed.

5. Natural Benefits

The natural properties of plant-based products are what make them unique. Not only do these products leave a natural scent and provide your hair with several benefits, but they are actually good for you, unlike chemical-based ingredients that disrupt the natural processes in your hair as well as the rest of the body. Lastly, synthetic and chemical ingredients can increase the chances of hair loss, dandruff, allergies, irritation, and even cancer. This is why it is highly essential to know what goes into your hair products and why we recommend using plant-based hair products.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the top 5 benefits of plant-based hair products, as they are beneficial in that they make it easier for your scalp to absorb the good stuff, are gentle, help maintain the hair’s moisture, are environmentally friendly, and are natural. For more blog about hair care, and scalp health, visit:

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