How Diet Impacts Your Future Hairstyles

How Diet Impacts Your Future Hairstyles

Lately, it has become quite trendy to look at diet as a holistic treatment for many things; in addition to the notorious prescribed diet changes for cardiac issues and diabetes, there is a growing push toward viewing nutrition as a way to prevent future health issues. Diet has long been known to have a nearly instantaneous relationship with skin health and appearance, but the often overlooked component of that is hair, which comes directly from the skin. Today, we’ll briefly discuss how your diet can improve your future hair quality.

Balanced Nutrition & Hair Quality

Why A Balanced Diet?

Healthy skin forms healthy hair, and healthy skin has been repeatedly shown to directly correlate to a balanced diet full of nutrients, proteins, and other key elements. According to research compiled through WebMD, the specific nutrients found in a balanced diet work together to create naturally manageable and better-looking hair. In addition to the other health benefits that a balanced diet can provide, we love the idea of an easily managed hairstyle being one of them.

Achieving Balance

It is no surprise that the average American diet isn’t entirely in line with what a doctor would consider being balanced. For instance, even though the hair is almost entirely made of protein, most Americans consume far more protein than their bodies actually need; in contrast, most Americans fall well short of the recommended daily intake of vegetables, especially leafy greens. If you’re curious whether or not your current diet is truly balanced, check out, a free resource that was designed to help people find a healthy eating style that fits into their daily lives.

Individual Follicles

We like to think of our hair as one entity (often with a mind of its own), but this is not the reality. Our hair is actually comprised of over 100,000 individual hair strands and corresponding follicles. Each one of these follicles is in an almost constant state of growth, roughly about 90% of the time. This essentially means that your everyday habits have an impact on about 90,000 individual strands of hair each and every day. Considering that each hair will stay with you for about two or more years, it’s probably a good idea to take care of them with healthy habits.

Cultivating the Garden

Your scalp is essentially the garden and the soil that grow your farm or hair follicles. While that is a strange thought, it’s actually pretty close to reality. Your scalp needs certain specific conditions to grow healthy hair that will stand up to the abuse we manage to put it through; the amount of oil, moisture, skin health, and even interior follicle health need to all be in harmony to create optimal hair. By using our line of scalp care products, you can give your scalp the tools it needs to combat specific situations that can prevent future hair from coming in healthy and strong. In addition diet and overall bodily health, proper scalp care is one of the best ways to ensure your future hairstyles look fantastic.

Our Hair Treatment Products

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