Avoid Damaging Product Build-Up

Avoid Damaging Product Build-Up

Nobody likes to feel like they have dirty hair. Regardless of the season, the feeling of grime can come on quickly, often punishing you for only a day without a shower or a couple without a thorough wash. There is, however, such thing as too much of a good thing; overdoing hair care can lead to product build-up, which feels suspiciously like unclean hair.

Why You Should Cut Your Products in Half

Yep, you read it right. If you’ve ever been a victim of product build-up, then you are using too many products. No, it wasn’t just a bad week; the dryness outside didn’t catch up to you; that one lukewarm shower you took isn’t to blame; the blowdryer and flatiron aren’t finally exacting a carefully planned mutiny; no, you’re just using too many products.

Identifying Build-Up

It can be tough to know when you encounter build-up, but once you know it is a concept to watch for, you’ll find it’s pretty easy to know it when you feel it. Build-up can manifest in dandruff-esque white flakes along the scalp line, waxy or oily hair, rapidly fading color, and a sudden inability to make your hairdo its usual thing. The telltale sign comes when your hair feels like it needs a wash, but will quickly feel wrong or dirty again after another rotation of your routine. You shouldn’t have to deep clean your hair and scalp every day, or even every other day for that matter, to have great looking and feeling hair; if you do, then you’re likely experiencing product build-up right now.

Add to Subtract

If like so many women, you’re using too many products on your hair, then you need to take a good hard look at what it is you’re subjecting your hair to. If you put harsh synthetic chemicals on your hair, then don’t act surprised when your hair feels stripped and falls flat. Sure, just about any store-bought product will leave your hair feeling great – for a time. Once the desired effect wears off, you’re left with nutrient-less hair and a poorly cared for scalp. This is what we mean by add to subtract: A couple of right products can replace a drawer full of the wrong products, all to your benefit. Not only will you save time, energy, and effort driving around to the 5 different stores that carry your “staples,” but your hair and scalp will almost certainly show the results of being better cared for. We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to products that once left your hair feeling great, but the damage they are causing your hair now is worth taking a good hard look at.


Specific Needs

Not all hair behaves exactly the same, nor does it react to product exactly the same. There is no magic potion that will simultaneously add volume for some, infuse nutrients for others, retain color for many, and highlight natural beauty for all; no, instead we all need to be conscious of what our hair needs and find products that lead us to those goals in a comprehensive package. Sure, you could piecemeal a string of products that claim to give you one benefit at a time, but that is the same type of thinking that gets women into the build-up situation in the first place. You need less to do more, not more to achieve the bare minimum. Start by figuring out what your struggles are with your hair, why you’ve chosen the arsenal or products you’re using, and then move on to a product line that works in synergy to provide exactly what you need.

Our Lines

At Pro|Gen, we developed our Active Care lines to provide specific benefits for different hair care needs. Whether you need to revitalize your hair after a product build-up overload or simply balance out an oily scalp in a way that doesn’t work against your scalp care efforts, our product lines were designed to easily work together to achieve your hair care goals without unnecessary chemicals and additives. All you’ll find in our Active Care line are products designed to improve your hair and scalp’s natural functions, effectively promoting healthy natural hair at the source.

Check out all of our product lines to find the one that best suits your needs today!

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