Balancing Scalp Oils For Healthier Looking Hair

Balancing Scalp Oils For Healthier Looking Hair

One question we get from our fan base all too often is “how much scalp oil is too much?” While we wish that we could simply say “everything in moderation” and be done with it, the issue is a bit (or a lot) more complicated that. There is no magic wand to wave and balance your scalp oils, nor is there a cut-and-dry answer to what levels you should be looking for to have both healthy hair growth in the future as well as good feeling and looking hair now.

The Importance of Balanced Scalp Oils & Diagnosing Your Balance

As with so many things in life and in hair care, finding the balance that is right for you is difficult. For instance, some people can work long hours, go out with friends, get to bed late, and still wake up bright and cheery – with easily-styled hair – and be just fine at work the next day; others of us have to burn incense in prayer to hopefully wake up to a good hair day tomorrow after going to bed by 9 pm. Again, finding that balance that suits you is a largely personal quest.

The Damaging Agents

Your scalp is routine under assault. Whether you encounter pollutants in the air, UV radiation from the sun, a barrage of products that are doing more harm than good, or struggling to keep your scalp’s own oils from clogging up your hair follicles in one of the most ironic vicious cycles in hair care. In any case, it is best that you accept the fact that your scalp is under just as much, if not more, stress than your hair strands themselves on a daily basis.

Taking Care Today for Tomorrow

Unfortunately, we take the abuse our scalp undergoes almost completely for granted. Not only do only a handful of women actually take the time to pay attention to scalp care, but many don’t even focus on washing their scalp when using shampoo and conditioner. Consider this: Your hair strands is largely made up of dead or dying cells, while your scalp itself is an entirely self-sustained ecosystem that thrives under the right balance and conditions, producing the hair that you so laboriously take care of; by taking care of your scalp today, you truly are setting yourself up for beautiful, easily-maintained hair in the future. Still, what do we do in the shower? Painstakingly lather, rinse, and repeat our hair, paying little-to-no attention to our scalp. It’s no wonder that over time your hair has become harder and harder to manage, as you haven’t been taking care of its source!

The Subject of Oils

Okay, back to the topic at hand: Scalp oils. We’ve now probably drilled the notion of scalp care home, but what does that mean, exactly? For some, the right scalp care means promoting the oils your scalp has been trying desperately to produce, the presence of which protects hair and adds natural shine and strength; for others, this means keeping those same oils in check and preventing them from clogging hair follicles or making greasy, smelly hair. For most men and women, this balance can be easily tipped either direction, largely based upon their hygiene routine. If you’re struggling with hair loss, the answer could be more or less natural oils, for instance, or even simply showering with only water every so often, instead of constantly dousing your scalp with the surfactants found in most shampoos.

Our Scalp Care

At Pro|Gen, we have made it as easy as possible for you to self-diagnose your scalp care needs. Not only do our Active Care product lines all feature thorough descriptions of their effects, but also clearly lay out sets of goals you may have for your hair. This means that all you have to do is find the product line that aligns best with your specific hair care needs and struggles, then use the products in tandem for the recommended amount of time to restore the balance of your scalp’s natural oils and healthy hair-producing properties. Best of all, we do so using specially-chosen essential oils that borrow their healing powers from nature itself, while also taking advantage of the best modern ingredients for revolutionary potency.

Check out all of our product lines to find the one that best suits your needs today!

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