Essential Oils & Scalp Care, Part 1

Essential Oils & Scalp Care, Part 1

One of the hottest crazes in healthcare is undoubtedly essential oil. These useful, plant-based oils are being used to home remedy everything from headaches to snoring. While not intended to replace medication, these oils give people a way to supplement the treatment of their ailments without taking a handful of extra meds. Today, we’ll look at how some of these helpful oils can help with scalp care. Each of these awesome oils is used in at least one of our products, although many are widely used for their numerous benefits.

Beneficial Essential Oils for Scalp Care

Ylang Ylang

While not difficult to say or spell, this flower-extract oil helps with scalp care in an impressive number of ways. With suggested benefits including dandruff treatment, conditioning, antiseptic, and even promoting hair growth, ylang ylang could almost be an active ingredient in a conditioner on its own. It achieves this by stimulating the glands that create sebum (a natural bodily oil). If that isn’t enough, ylang ylang is also widely used for its anti-stress properties, meaning that using a scalp care product with this in it can actually relieve some anxiety as a perk.

Tea Tree Oil

Another versatile and wholly beneficial essential oil for scalp care is tea tree oil, which is arguably the best anti-dandruff essential oil. In fact, many shampoos have used a variation of tea tree oil to relieve dryness and itching on the scalp, both of which are symptoms of dandruff. By soaking into hair follicles, this oil allows the body’s own skin oils to flow outward more effectively, enabling a natural moisturization of the scalp. An additional benefit of this is the promotion of hair growth that occurs when the oils are removed from the follicle. Another interesting benefit is tea tree oil’s natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, which help to keep the scalp clean and can even work to resolve small infections.


Note: Lemon and lemongrass are both useful essential oils, but we’re referring to lemon specifically here. Developed from lemon peel, this naturally zesty oil adds a fantastically fresh fragrance, even when masked by a stronger scent in a scalp care product or moisturizing serum. Similar to ylang ylang and tea tree oil, lemon essential oil helps to clear oils from hair follicles, promoting the body’s skin oil. Additionally, the slight presence of citric acid helps to add a natural shine to future hair after prolonged application.

Our Scalp Care Therapy

The Active Care Scalp Therapy System from Pro|Gen was specially developed to help promote and develop a healthy scalp, many of which reap the benefits of up to twelve essential oils in a single product. Our entire line of products was made to easily work into your routine and make a noticeable difference in your current and future hair.

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