Using A Booster Serum Correctly

Using A Booster Serum Correctly

There are plenty of products out there that claim to provide various benefits to your hair, some work as they say and some do not. Often, however, we find out that people are using the right products in the wrong way or the wrong products in what should be the right way. Today, we’ll go over how to use our powerful booster serums and how our usage instructions compare to other products.

Our Booster Serum vs Their “Booster” Serum

Okay, first of all, think about it this way: What is a booster? A booster shot you get at the doctor or a booster seat your child uses at a restaurant are both quick, temporary solutions to see you through to a more permanent answer. So, let’s be clear, any booster serum that leaves the duration of time you should use it open-ended or infinite is, well, not a booster at all. In fact, it probably isn’t actually formulated to do what it says in a powerful way at all, but rather to make a steady buyer out of you. Always and only, be sure to use products that offer a specific window to use the product within that are accompanied by features and benefits you actually need.

Scalp Care, Not Hair Care

Again, here lies another deal breaker. Each of our booster serums is formulated for your scalp, where hair growth and production (the boosting, remember?) actually happens. A booster serum applied in sprays or lathers throughout the entire length of your hair does absolutely nothing; worse, many brands recommend applying their mixture to the ends of your hair – this makes absolutely no sense. Hair grows from a follicle in the skin outward, meaning that the hair at the base of your scalp is newest and the end of the strands are much older; so, why then would you apply any sort of booster serum to the ends of your hair, where no growth has happened in weeks, months, or years? Don’t be scammed by booster serums telling you to treat your hair, unless they’re referring to roots (follicles) at the base of the scalp.

Drops, Not Handfuls

Many booster serums would have you use up the bottle in a few uses and run out to buy another one. At Pro|Gen, we believe that your booster serum should provide you the boost you need to achieve the desired result in the same way that a doctor offers you a set prescription to make your body well again. This is why our powerful serum is made to last the average two months that it takes to fully exhaust the supply using only a couple of drops at a time. Your booster serum should be applied to the scalp before a wash, not lathered up in your hands like a shampoo. Given time to soak in, the booster serum should be formulated to stimulate healthy hair growth, not provide a benefit to existing hair. When you massage our booster serums to your scalp, you may feel a warming, cooling, or tingling sensation (depending on the blend), this is normal for a product that is formulated to penetrate the skin and work inside of hair follicles rather than simply coating the hair temporarily and then washing off.

Working in Tandem

The largest difference between our hair booster serums is that they were not created to be standalone products, but rather work together with the specially-formulated shampoo that follows its application and other lotions and boosters that provide complementary benefits to achieve a common goal. By thinking of the booster serum as simply one tool in a highly-focused toolbox, we are able to keep it from being the one-size-fits-all product that many companies attempt to make, where the serum is weaker, but leaves hair feeling softer or something similar; we’ve opted instead to make a powerful serum that provides a specific benefit, largely because we know what the next product you’ll follow it up with will be.

Try Our Hair Treatment Products

At Pro|Gen, we have made it as easy as possible for you to self-diagnose your hair care needs. Not only do our Active Care hair treatment product lines all feature thorough descriptions of their effects, but also clearly lay out sets of goals you may have for your hair. This means that all you have to do is find the product line that aligns best with your specific hair care needs and struggles, then use the products in tandem for the recommended amount of time to restore the balance of your scalp’s natural oils and healthy hair-producing properties. Best of all, each of our blends uses specifically-chosen essential oils that borrow their healing powers from nature itself, while also taking advantage of the best modern ingredients for revolutionary potency.

Check out all of our product lines to find the one that best suits your needs today!

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