4 Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

4 Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

If, like so many of us, your hair breaks on a regular basis, then you no doubt wonder what the heck you can do differently to avoid the total lack of growth, fraying, and premature haircuts caused by split-ends and other hair breakage.

Natural & Environmental Hair Breakage

Okay, so first off, the top offender of hair breakage (call this the hidden 5th of our list) is natural hair decay. Typically, hairs will come off at the root and regrow in a constantly refreshing cycle. This almost impossibly subtle process takes place every single day, with individual hairs enjoying a relatively short life before being regrown and replaced. The real focus of our list, however, is centered around the midway breaking or fraying that we lovingly refer to as breakage; whether you’re finding half hairs in your brush or cursing your split ends, read on.

Poor Scalp Care

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you no doubt know how hard we’ve been drilling most people’s total disregard for scalp care in lieu of hair care attempts. Not only are the oils of your scalp crucially important for hair growth, texture, and strength, but the entire ecosystem of your scalp is something that should be kept in balance by using products that help either check or promote oil production, cleanse dirt and other contaminants, or even do more in-depth things, like encourage hair growth or discourage hair loss. The surfactants found in most shampoos can actually damage your scalp’s ability to self-regulate, meaning that lesses washes could be a realistic solution to keep your current and future hair healthier longer.

Pouring on Product

We have nothing against using multiple products, but using too many of the wrong products together can have a disastrous impact on your hair. Not only can this throw off the entire balance of your scalp’s natural oils, but your hair can quickly become dry and brittle or oily and untame, all depending on what you’re using and how often. All too often, we pick and choose individual products that serve one small function of what our hair needs (or we think it needs), only to unknowingly add in unseen side effects that interact or interfere with other products or hair care efforts. The basics to understand here are simple: Sometimes less is more, but usually a synchronized effort will beat out a smattering of products you’ve accumulated since college.

Treatment & Styling

One super common damaging element comes from the way you style your hair everyday. This can come from a perm that you stick in once every other months, which basically destroys a hair’s structural integrity, or from the often used flatiron. Yes, the heat treatments and styling you subject your hair to can have lasting, destructive damaging effects on your individual hairs. Consider giving the flatiron a rest every other day, opting instead for a natural look, ponytail, or bun. Often, just giving your hair a chance to recover can do wonders for its long-term health. Guys and gals alike can fall into the trap of using styling products, such as gel, putty, or even dry shampoo, typically these products are fine in the short-term, but should be tempered back and washed out whenever possible.

Other Daily Habits

Okay, so you do your best to take care of your hair, wash it with the right products, and even lay off the flat iron from time to time, only to still find breakage as a semi-regular occurrence – what gives? Well, your hair grows from the scalp, which is skin, and reacts to your body’s daily routine just as much as the rest of skin. Go figure, the bags under your eyes and oily skin you do your best to mask after a night out are signs that you haven’t been doing right by your skin; it should come as no surprise that this translates into our hair. After all, a growing trend in drug testing is to use hair strands rather than bodily fluids at all, largely because your hair will “remember” toxins that were in your body at one point even months later. Of course, it stands to reason that this has a lasting effect on the quality and strength of your hair. These damaging elements include everything from diet and exercise to how prone you are to sickness or even just how much time you spend in the sun, but smoking, drinking, and other bad habits obviously take their toll as well.

Our Hair Treatment Products

At Pro|Gen, we have made it as easy as possible for you to self-diagnose your hair care needs. Not only do our Active Care hair treatment product lines all feature thorough descriptions of their effects, but also clearly lay out sets of goals you may have for your hair. This means that all you have to do is find the product line that aligns best with your specific hair care needs and struggles, then use the products in tandem for the recommended amount of time to restore the balance of your scalp’s natural oils and healthy hair-producing properties. Best of all, each of our blends uses specifically-chosen essential oils that borrow their healing powers from nature itself, while also taking advantage of the best modern ingredients for revolutionary potency.

Check out all of our product lines to find the one that best suits your needs today!

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