4 Ways to Actually Prevent Hair Breakage

4 Ways to Actually Prevent Hair Breakage

In our previous blog, we threw out the four most likely causes your hair is breaking, excluding the natural regrowth and replacement your hair does on its own. Today, we’ll complete what we started by offering solutions and preventions for your hair breakage that can help you wrest back control in your fight against split ends.

Promoting Strong, Healthy Hair

The first key thing to remember here, as mentioned last time, is that your hair will still come loose and even fall out all on its own – as it has and will your entire life. Now, this isn’t to say that your hair should be coming out in large chunks, but imperceivable individual hairs should come dislodged naturally to regrow strong and new. If you’re finding occasional full hairs in your brush, that’s fine, but you don’t want to discover half hairs or abundant split ends – and that is exactly what we’re seeking to prevent here.

Moderate Harsh Products & Styling

If you’re a fan of perms, hair waxing, or rely on your flat iron every day, then you’re going to encounter hair breakage. While a little styling can go a long way, avoiding the heat treatment on a day when you’re just going out for groceries can give your hair a much-needed chance to restore the nutrients and oils that are cooked off when you subject the strands to scorching temperatures. Even washing your hair too often can be considered harsh and unproductive (as can not washing it at all); attempt to strike a balance in your hair care routine to achieve the best results. Not only will balance lead to better styles when it is done up, but your efforts will make for generally healthier, stronger hair.

Use the Right Products

You may think you’re using the right hair treatment products – most of us always assume, often belligerently, that we are – but you may actually just be cooking up a cocktail that is leading to lasting damages. Consider throwing out the 4 brands you’ve used since college to opt for a single product line that focuses on the specific attributes and elements your hair needs to find balance. Often, swapping out a single product can make a huge difference in your hair’s health. Likewise, find products with realistic usage instructions (avoid anything that wants you to lather, rinse, repeat into infinity) and then follow them; well-made products don’t need to trick you into overusing them, but instead focus on providing you what works in the simplest way possible.

Change Your Habits

There are certain things that can wreck your hair without ever entering your routine. As mentioned in our last blog, the things you eat, your behaviors, and even the environment can have a profound impact on your hair’s strength. After all, your hair is rooted in the skin of your scalp and skin is a particularly sensitive organ. Here are some specific habits you can stop or start to improve your hair today and in the future:

  • Stop smoking. Cigarette smoke is especially bad for hair and skin, as the smoke itself damages and stinks up your hair, while the nicotine and chemicals found within escape your body through the skin’s pores, leaving behind damaged cells and chemical traces that weaken hair before it even emerges from the scalp.
  • Drink less. In a similar sense, alcohol is also bad for the skin. Nearly any controlled substance is bad for your hair and skin, but alcohol often leads to lack of sleep, dehydration, and decreased blood flow – all of which are dreadful for your hair.
  • Eat better. Not surprisingly, greasy and high-fat foods that leave skin feeling blotchy or cause you to break out also damage your hair follicles. It goes beyond this though, by eating better foods, such as leafy greens, beans, nuts, avocados, raw honey, and many fruits, you create a nutrient-rich hair follicle for your locks to grow from.
  • Cut out stress. Easier said than done, right? But the next time you’re anxious about something you can’t control, remind yourself that stress is a leading cause for hair and skin damage. Not only will you wrinkle easier and sprout gray hairs younger, but all of your hair will likely be duller and less strong for it. Happiness makes for great hair, so try that!
  • Get regular trims. While you’re making all of these lifestyle changes, it is important that you don’t harbor any split ends. Even the best efforts will be for naught if the split ends you already have are allowed to grow and climb as your hair grows; get the ends chopped off and remember that your new hair will grow back stronger and better for it!

Try Our Hair Treatment Products

At Pro|Gen, we have made it as easy as possible for you to self-diagnose your hair care needs. Not only do our Active Care hair treatment product lines all feature thorough descriptions of their effects, but also clearly lay out sets of goals you may have for your hair. This means that all you have to do is find the product line that aligns best with your specific hair care needs and struggles, then use the products in tandem for the recommended amount of time to restore the balance of your scalp’s natural oils and healthy hair-producing properties. Best of all, each of our blends uses specifically-chosen essential oils that borrow their healing powers from nature itself, while also taking advantage of the best modern ingredients for revolutionary potency.

Check out all of our product lines to find the one that best suits your needs today!

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