Winter Hair Damage & Treatment Products

Winter Hair Damage & Treatment Products

If you’re wondering why you’ve been dealing with static-prone, frustratingly dry and/or brittle hair during the winter months, then wonder no longer: It’s the cold. While the actual issue is a bit more complicated than simply summing up in a sentence like that and shrugging, there are still treatment products available to help you combat the winter damage. First, it is important that we understand what we’re dealing with.

Cold Weather Hair Impact & Treatments

Opposite of Summer

For most of the country, summer represents high moisture and high temperatures, whereas winter represents low moisture and low temperatures. If this is true in your area, then you don’t need us to tell you about the frizzing you experience in the hot, humid summers. The interesting thing that many fail to realize is that in winter, your hair suffers the other end of the pendulum. If the high heat and moisture of summer oversaturate your hair, causing frustrating frizz, the incredible dryness and chill of winter is likely to cause brittle, breaking, dry scalp, and other moisture-related issues. Beyond the above, hair color also tends to lose a lot of its luster, whether from natural color or hair dye.

Further Complications

While the dryness and cold are bad, especially in areas of extreme cold or anywhere during the punishing polar vortexes we’ve seen all too often, what’s worse is the sudden change from blistering cold to room temperature that we go through numerous times a day, everyday for months at a time. In the summer, the temperature transition from blistering heat to sudden air conditioning is something like a 30 degree change, but winter transition temperatures can easily be double that when you cross into a store. This is especially damaging because of your body’s natural method for fighting the heat, which involves raising the hair follicle slightly; when suddenly blasted with warmth, the follicle is slow to react and can become easily damaged. So, the next time you feel that relief of that warming blowdryer-esque mechanism at the entrance to the grocery store, be sure to say say a small “sorry” to your now-damaged hair follicles.

Fighting the Dry

Luckily, there are a number of great hair treatment products designed to combat the dry damage that your hair encounters. Pro|Gen is proud to offer our Active Scalp Therapy System to treat and prevent damage at the source: Your scalp. By using our specialized formulas, you give your scalp the tools it needs to rebound from the damaging temperatures and dryness. Best of all, by using our product suite regularly, you build long-term hair health and shine that serve to prevent damage before it ever sets in. Beyond products, other things you can do to keep your hair happy and healthy until the spring thaw include regular moisturizing, trimming off split ends and other damaged strands, and simply keeping your hair tucked safely into a hat on the coldest of days (just remember to keep the hat on for a few moments when you get indoors to mitigate temperature transition damage).

Our Hair Treatment Products

Check out the entire line of Pro|Gen Active Care Scalp Therapy products designed to treat different issues with hair and scalp in staged order. Each of our products has carefully chosen ingredients for maximum potency, often relying on the benefits of essential oils. Simply follow the 1-4 steps on each bottle and let our hair treatment products do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our Online Diagnostic Tool to see which of our product lines is right for your hair and scalp needs!

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