Bad Hair Day Or Bad Hair Lifestyle?

Bad Hair Day Or Bad Hair Lifestyle?

For many, bad hair days are an occasional annoyance that is best flipped into a bun and chalked up as a loss; for some, however, a bad hair day isn’t really limited to a specific day. Unless that day is every day, most days, or just about any important day. Sarcasm aside, if you’re one of the chosen few that are graced with bad hair days often enough to know the signs of the day’s frustration before you’re even out of bed, then we have some (hopefully) helpful tips.

Lifestyle Choices & Bad Hair Days

Hair Remembers

You may have forgotten the few extra slices of pizza, the times you stayed for one more drink, and the late nights spent on seemingly crucial projects, but your hair did not. In fact, your hair remembers what you have or have not done far better than just about any other system in the body. For instance, hair is often used for the purpose of drug testing because of its innate ability to accurately remember chemicals and toxins in the body at the time of initial growth. Think of each strand of hair at the base of your scalp as a snapshot of your current lifestyle that will stay with you until it grows to the end of the strand and is cut off. Yikes. So, if you’re having a spell of bad hair days, maybe the issue isn’t with your current habits, but those of months or years-long since past.

Clean Up Your Act

Pointing these things out without context doesn’t do much good, so here are the things you should start doing now to have better hair in the not-too-distant future:

  • Stop smoking
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Get a full night’s sleep every night (at least most nights)
  • Avoid stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Eat more vegetables, especially leafy greens
  • Keep your scalp hydrated
  • Learn how to treat your hair and scalp effectively

While it may seem odd, these seemingly non-hair related things have a huge impact on your body’s hair production, as well as your hair’s eventual quality. Much of your hair’s health is determined before it even emerges from the scalp, which makes treating today’s bad hair days a little more complicated than simply slapping on this or that. If you truly want to improve the health of your hair long-term, then you need to take a firm look at your current lifestyle and washing habits and look for specific ways to improve, starting today.

Treat Your Scalp

Your hair follicles are located just below the surface of your skin, making scalp care an extremely crucial component of eventual hair care. Above, we mentioned (and even bolded) the importance of learning to treat your hair under specific conditions; this is significant because hair isn’t easily generalized, and different people have different struggles to overcome for optimal hair and scalp health. At Pro|Gen labs, we developed four unique products to address completely separate issues with scalp care, all of which help to determine the health of present and future hair in startling ways, but only when applied correctly. Treating oily hair the same way you would treat a dry scalp is obviously lacking in logic, yet many people have a retinue of products they use year-round in completely different conditions and for entirely differentiated issues. Talk with your stylist or reach out to us directly for more information on which type of products you should be using based on your current situation. By stocking your shower and vanity with the correct products, you stand a great shot at cutting down bad hair days today and removing them from your future lifestyle entirely.

Our Hair Treatment Products

Check out the entire line of Pro|Gen Active Care Scalp Therapy products designed to treat different issues with hair and scalp in staged order. Each of our products has carefully chosen ingredients for maximum potency, often relying on the benefits of essential oils. Simply follow the 1-4 steps on each bottle and let our hair treatment products do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our Online Diagnostic Tool to see which of our product lines is right for your hair and scalp needs!

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