Do You Really Know How To Wash Your Hair?

Do You Really Know How To Wash Your Hair?

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair isn’t a no-brainer. Sure, if you Google “how to wash hair the right way,” you’ll find somewhere between twenty and twenty million articles from experts telling you exactly how to wash your hair (the right way). However, you’ll also find somewhere between twenty and twenty million different “right ways,” which makes us wonder: Do you really know how to wash your hair?

Washing Hair, Explained

Down the Drain

With so many voices loudly proclaiming how you should wash your hair in 5 easy steps, it can easily get overwhelming. For many, it is much more bearable to just do what they’ve always done: Buy shampoo that sounds like it’s for something like their hair, throw in some conditioner, and finally, lather/rinse/repeat. Not to join in with the litany of blogs telling you why that may be wrong, but there could be a bit more to taking care of your hair than simply doing what your mom taught you while giving you baths in the sink. So, take what you think you know about washing your hair (likely not much) and wash it down the drain.

Shampoo Your Scalp

“Scalp” is not a fun word to say. It doesn’t sound nearly as illustrious as “hair care,” that’s for sure; but scalp care is exactly what it takes to create and maintain great hair; so much so, that the entire terminology behind “washing your hair” is entirely wrong. In fact, we should instead call it scalp care because what is good for your scalp is better for your hair. Shampoo, the top product associated with hair care, is actually made for scalp care; the active ingredients in just about every shampoo available does very little for hair, but a lot for your scalp. Unfortunately, most people spend far more time lathering and washing their locks to the tip and very little time massaging their scalp. Think about it, whenever your hair gets washed at a salon, are they primarily worried about rubbing your hair? No, they’re rubbing your scalp in the most oh-so-fantastic way; beyond feeling amazing, they are inadvertently teaching you how your showers should be focused.

Condition Hair

Not to contradict everything we’ve just said, but conditioner is actually made for hair. Unfortunately, the chances are pretty high that you’re conditioning wrong as well. Have you ever noticed that your conditioner runs out far more quickly than shampoo? Well, that’s simply because you’re treating conditioner as shampoo, and using it on wet hair. Conditioner is much thinner than shampoo, and therefore should only be used on mildly damp hair. This is so true, in fact, that many of the world’s top stylists recommend those with long, especially thick, hair condition before they shampoo. Blasphemous, we know, but the idea that conditioner is a necessary finish for washing your hair is built upon the idea that shampoo is for hair, which we now know it is not. If you condition dampened hair, rinse thoroughly, then focus shampoo on the scalp, you’ll notice that you don’t feel the same dry hair you’re used to from lathering up every follicle of hair to the end.


Ah, here is probably the largest section of debate you’ll find on the internet. How often is too often, how often is not often enough, and should we even wash our hair at all? Well, the answer to that seems to be a little more complicated than a generality can sum up. If you have thick hair that prevents your scalp from effectively breathing and wicking away oils, you may benefit from more regular washes than someone that can rinse away many oils with water alone. For starters, no matter what your hair is like, we don’t recommend you wash it everyday; in most cases, we don’t even advise every other day. For most people, about once or twice a week should be more than sufficient, perhaps a bit more in dry climates or seasons. If you find that you absolutely can’t bear the thought of not washing all the time, then at least taper back to every other day. While removing oils is a benefit to hair, your scalp does need some natural oils to grow healthy hair; washing them away everyday, especially in super hot water, will only serve to damage your hair down the line.

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