The Effects of Pool Chlorine on Your Hair and Skin This Summer

The Effects of Pool Chlorine on Your Hair and Skin This Summer

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Finding a Solution to the Heat During Summer Months

Chances are, unless you reside in Hawaii, if you’re here in the U.S this summer, you’ll probably be experiencing some extreme temperatures. Depending on your location, in addition to the heat, you’ll also be dealing with some pretty intense humidity. Places in the south like Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi will not only see temperatures reaching and surpassing 100 degrees, they also may see humidity percentages well past 90%, especially during July and August. Other states, like Arizona and New Mexico, might not experience as much in the way of humidity; however, the temperatures reaching and exceeding 110 degrees in the hottest weeks of the summer probably make up for the lack of humidity.

In case we’ve started to sound like a broken record, the summer gets hot. In many places, the summer months get so hot that people are left searching for a way to stay cool. Many folks opt to stay inside and find as many indoor activities as possible to occupy themselves and their children. Others have become resigned to the idea that they must remain in or beside the pool for the entirety of the summer months.

Chlorine: the Necessary Evil

With so many people enjoying the pool this summer, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with more than just water here, we’re also swimming in chemicals, namely chlorine. Anyone who regularly swims in a public pool is probably especially thankful for this germ-killing chemical as an addition to local pools. With so many other bodies in your pool, you definitely want a normal amount of chlorine added to the water before you venture in. However, have you ever considered what that chemical is doing to your hair and skin?

Let’s explore some of the ways that chlorine can affect your hair and skin, and offer you some solutions so that you’re not dealing with lasting effects of this chemical.



Chlorine and Your Skin

Going to the pool regularly or staying there for extended periods of time can do a number on your skin. Overexposure to chlorinated pool water can lead to dry, chalky skin, and in extreme cases, red, itchy rashes. Chlorine works to strip your skin of any moisture or oil, and that can be tough if you’re putting your skin through this on a daily basis.

Our advice for you is to shower the chlorine off of your skin as soon as you exit the pool as allowing it to remain will only continue to dry you out. After this step, use a quality moisturizer and go ahead and put that much-loved moisture back into your skin. Taking these extra steps after swimming each day won’t take too much extra time, and your skin will definitely thank you in the long run!

Chlorine and Your Hair

Though they spend hours each day in a chlorinated pool, competitive swimmers never need worry about the effects of the chemical on their hair because they regularly wear caps. However, the average person swimming in their neighborhood pool or city pool isn’t sporting a swimmer’s cap. That means that we’re putting our hair through the ringer on a regular basis due to the amount of chlorine that we’re exposing it to.

Just like with our skin, our chlorine affects our hair by drying it out. When our hair becomes wet from chlorinated water, the hair shafts absorb the chlorine, which strips the hair of its natural oils, called sebum. Those who venture to the pool regularly will experience more extreme drying which leads to breakage and split ends.

What To Do

If you’d like to avoid excessive drying out of your hair, make sure that each time you enter the pool, it’s with hair that’s already wet from clean water. This will reduce the amount of chlorine that’s absorbed by the hair shaft. Additionally, once you’re done swimming, wash your hair with a high-quality cleansing shampoo to remove any traces of chlorine. After this, give your hair a nice dose of a healthy serum or oil that will help it retain moisture and stay hydrated.

In addition to the drying effect, chlorine can also give blonde hair a slightly greenish hew. This isn’t necessarily the fault of chlorine alone, it occurs when chlorinated water comes into contact with copper pipes. Trace amounts of metal enter the water and tint the hair. In order to avoid this phenomenon, each time you’re done swimming, you can use a special shampoo made for swimmers. That should help your hair rid itself of those chemicals before they have a chance to affect the color of your tresses.

Don’t let pool chlorine do a number on your hair this summer; with Pro Gen products from Active Care systems, you’ll be able to enjoy the healthiest hair of your life. Shop our hair treatment products today and enjoy your time in the sun without doing a disservice to your lovely locks.

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