Why You Need Procapil for Hair Loss

From the moment you wake up, you find strands of hair on your pillow, you go to the bathroom and there is hair in your sink, in the shower, on the floor, you brush your hair and pull out even more hair. If you have been through this, you need Procapil!

Hair loss isn’t only an aging problem anymore. Nowadays young men and women start losing hair as early as their 20s, and it can relate to many factors like stress, chemicals, environment, genetics, and other issues. Depending on which type of hair loss you present, our products may help you prevent or treat hair loss — but how? With Procapil.



Procapil is a formula that combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid, which reduces the effect of DHT* on hair follicles and increases blood flow circulation in the scalp, promoting healthy, thick hair.

*DHT: Chemical derived from testosterone, that undermines the absorption of nutrients, affecting the growth and health of new hair.

Scientifically proven, Procapil boosts new hair growth by up to 121 percent along with reducing hair loss by 58 percent.

Besides fighting direct hair loss causes, the fact that Procapil does not present side effects is one of the reasons why Active Care carries this great ingredient in some of its products.

Active Care products that Carry Procapil

In-Salon Treatment – Stimulating Protocol

The Stimulating regimen includes a gel, shampoo, and lotion designed for professional use to take care of thinning hair problems.

With ginseng extract, stimulating formula improves blood circulation, invigorates the dermis, and detoxifies the scalp. Red Vine extract and orange essential oil have an antiseptic effect and accelerate drainage, tone, and tighten the pores of the skin. Kerastim S and Procapil stimulate keratinocyte and cell metabolism to improve the hair anchorage.

At-Home Treatment – Active Line

Active Line complex is formulated especially for limp and thin hair. It nourishes and purifies the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, and provides intense hydrating and volumizing benefits that keep hair looking thicker and healthier. This complex has 12 essential oils and plant-based ingredients that have synergistic properties; lemon, tea tree, thyme, and rosemary essential oils and extracts help stimulate blood circulation, regenerate, and heal the scalp. The composition of Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, and patchouli, purifies the skin and provides antiseptic effects. The Active line also carries Procapil, Asparlyne, Cristalhyal, and Cellulinol that activate cells for intensified and accelerated repair of the hair bulb.

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If you’re ready to have thicker, fuller, healthier hair, visit our shop Pro|Gen Active Care for some of the most effective hair and scalp treatment products available. You can view our in-salon treatments that feature Procapil, or order the complete Pro|Gen Active set for your home supply of hair care treatments.

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