What No One Has Told You About Your Scalp

What No One Has Told You About Your Scalp

The scalp is the layer of skin on the head from which hair follicles grow. Although most people are aware of what the scalp is, they usually don’t take the necessary measures to care for it properly. Instead, they focus mainly on the appearance of the hair or products that target hair specifically. However, the scalp is where every single unit of hair stems from, and taking special care of the scalp will help one achieve healthier looking hair in return. We at Active Care know what it takes to maintain a healthy scalp, and we are conscious of the vital information that most people are unaware of, which is why we will discuss what no one has told you about your scalp.


The scalp is like the soil beneath flowers

The scalp can be compared to the soil beneath flowers, while hair can be compared to the roots of the flowers. The flowers depend on the soil they are planted in, to obtain the required nutrients for proper growth. The scalp works in the same manner. For example, hair follicles depend on the scalp to sustain the necessary oils and nutrients for healthy growth and shine. The more care and attention that is given to the scalp, the quicker one will be able to achieve longer, stronger, and healthier looking hair.


The scalp is an extension of your face

The scalp is an extension of your face, and just as you take care of the skin on your face with skincare routines and healthier eating habits, the scalp should be treated the same way. The scalp, like your face, has pores that can become clogged, may produce excess oils, and can become dry and flakey. That is why to determine which products you should be using to treat your scalp, it is essential to find out what your common scalp issue is.


Dry, flakey scalp stems from the overproduction of oils and product buildup

Dry, flakey scalp stems from the overproduction of oils and product buildup, which occurs when there are too many cells that accumulate on the scalp due to not washing the hair thoroughly or often enough. In more severe cases, it can be caused by seborrheic dermatitis, which is a condition in which the scalp skin is oily and irritated and produces excess flakes. Product buildup/buildup of yeast on the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, and any effects of a dry, flakey scalp can block hair pores, which can potentially lead to hair loss and less hair growth.


Scalp related issues may affect the appearance of your hair

Scalp related issues may affect the appearance of your hair as it may make it seem either oily, dry, or dirty. For example, if one is experiencing dry, itchy, and irritated scalp conditions, the hair may appear dull and dry. A flakey scalp may result in dirty and unwashed looking hair, and an oily scalp may result in the hair appearing oily. The care of your scalp is critical for the look and feel of your hair and may even help in encouraging new hair growth. The reason is that any scalp related issue may keep the hair follicles from either growing from the scalp or may make it difficult to create new hair growth. Nevertheless, treating such conditions could help open up hair pores allowing for the hair to grow quicker and longer than before.


Using a scalp therapy treatment can help solve your scalp issues

Discovering the right scalp therapy treatment for your scalp related issues can help solve them, which can result in healthier looking hair and hair growth. Active Care has a line of at-home scalp therapy treatments that are designed to treat individual scalp related issues ranging from oily scalp, irritated scalp, and flakey scalp conditions to even a system that helps revive limp and thinning hair.


For more information on Active Care at-home scalp therapy treatments email: activecare@progenglobal.com or call 1-855-747-9292



 Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez

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