How Weather Affects Your Hair and Scalp

How Weather Affects Your Hair and Scalp

If you’re like many, you’re probably in the throes of suffering from winter hair —  you know, that dry, brittle, crunchy-feeling hair that longs for moisture. And if you’ve ever wondered why your hair can go from looking salon-fresh one day to looking dull and drab the next, the elements have a lot to do with it. While winter temperatures can do a number on your hair, weather, in general, can affect your hair and scalp in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways weather can affect the appearance, texture, and overall health of your hair and scalp.

Chilly, Frigid Winter Weather

To be frank, cold winter weather can really damage your hair. The most common hair problem associated with winter is dry, brittle hair that holds little-to-no moisture. Why, you ask? Colder temperatures and frigid, dry air can damage the cuticle of the hair, the protective layer on your hair strand that locks in moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. What’s more, those of you who treat your hair with chemicals, either coloring or perming your hair regularly, will have a harder time keeping your hair moisturized. Additionally, the drop in moisture during winter that causes dry skin also causes dry scalp and dandruff. So, if you’re dealing with frizzy, brittle hair that is full of split ends, chances are, you’re not alone.

What else makes wintertime one of the worst seasons for your hair and scalp? Wind. High winds and winds blowing ice cold air at your hair causes your hair strands to become a tangled mess. For all of you folks with curly or long hair, the wind is even harder on your hair. Not only is it challenging to try to smooth out your wind-blown hair with a brush, trying to untangle it can be a painful nightmare. Whether you use your fingers or a brush to try and get the tangles out, taming your wind-blown mane can lead to even more breakage and split ends.

To combat the winter blues, try Pro|Gen Active Care’s Balance line. These effective hair treatment products were designed to restore moisture to dry, brittle hair, while also nourishing the scalp. Pro|Gen Deep-Cleansing fights dry scalp and dandruff that is common during the winter months.

Springtime Humidity

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Along with rain comes humidity, which poses a nuisance for many who have hard-to-control hair. Humidity can wreak havoc on unmanageable hair, as the hair strands will attract and hold onto excess water vapors in the air. This can cause the molecules in your hair to deteriorate, causing the hair strands to expand, which gives your hair that frizzy, puffy look. While additional moisture is great for the hair, it can be cause for disaster if you prefer a smooth, tamed look.

Pro tip: if you live in or will be visiting a humid location and you have curly or wavy hair, rock those curls loud and proud! Humidity will give your curls that extra umph you try to achieve using hair treatment products and damaging heating tools. For those of you with fine hair, the excess moisture can place additional weight on your hair, causing it to look flat and dull. Try Pro|Gen Active for a volumizing boost that will give your hair lift and shape.

Summer Heat

Whether it’s heat from heat-based styling tools or hot summer temperatures, heat, in general, is damaging to the hair. Exposing your hair to too much heat causes your hair to become dry and brittle, which leads to split ends and breakage. What’s more, the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays produced by the sun can damage the cuticle, which can inhibit moisture from reaching the hair shaft. Heat-damaged hair can make your hair hard to style, and worse, can contribute to thinning hair and hair loss. Your scalp isn’t safe from the summertime heat, either. An increase in perspiration during the summer can cause your scalp to become oily, making your hair flat and dull.

But there’s hope! For those who want to restore moisture to the hair and scalp, try Pro|Gen Comfort. For those experiencing thinning hair as a result of the dry, hot temperatures, try Pro|Gen Active for thicker, healthier hair. And don’t think we forgot about those with oily scalps — give Pro|Gen Balance to rejuvenate the scalp and soften the hair.

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