How to Take Care of your Hair During the Summer

How to Take Care of your Hair During the Summer

The summer heat and humidity can have damaging effects on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle or oily and unmanageable. That is why we have gathered some useful tips on how to protect your hair and how to take care of your hair during the summer weather!

How to Protect your Hair

Protection is key to healthy hair, which is why it is important to not only protect your hair but the scalp as well. Think of the scalp like a plant pot and your hair as the plant itself. Making sure that your scalp is nourished and healthy is important in order to keep your scalp and hair protected from the summer sun. For example, some ways that may be helpful are by using essential oils and hair products that will take care of your scalp health and hair health in order for the hair not to easily get damaged during harsh weather conditions. The Active Care Active Line comes in a 3-step Kit, and is a great solution for dry summer hair. The ingredients in the Active Line, nourish and hydrate the hair, leaving the hair looking thick and healthy during dry heat or humid air. Other ways to protect your scalp and hair are by covering the top surface of the hair with a hat, a scarf, or a headband so that the rays of the sun are not directly affecting the scalp or adding unwanted heat damage to your hair.

Avoid and Resolve

Avoiding damage from the sun on the hair can be difficult as there are not many products in the market to protect the hair from sun damage. However, you can lightly apply a small amount of SPF to your hair for a quick cover up from sun exposure. If it is too late and your scalp is irritated from the beaming sun rays, there is a solution. The Active Care Comfort Line 3-Step Kit was specifically formulated to reduce the skin’s sensitivity and irritation, nourish, and moisturize the scalp as well as calm any discomfort caused by the heat or other environmental factors. The plant-based ingredients such as cedar-wood, rosemary, and chamomile are among some that are used in the Active Care Comfort Line and can be used to resolve irritation on the scalp.

Hair Scrunchies Vs. Hair Ties

Keeping hair out of your face is the number one summer hair goal, which is why hair ties are usually the go-to, to tie away any unwanted hair on the face. However, hair ties normally create more damage to the hair by causing it to strip and fall out through pulling and tugging. The better alternative to hair ties is hair scrunchies that are a lot less damaging and are much more gentle to the hair than the typical small rubber band infused hair tie. Silk scrunchies protect the hair from any breakage and are ideal for damaged hair as they reduce friction and limit hair pulling. Another alternative to hair ties are ribbons, ribbons can be tied around the hair to create an effortless and damage-free hairstyle with a twist.

Hair Comb Vs. Hair Brush

Using a hair comb versus the traditional hairbrush is a lot healthier for your hair as the hair comb has wider bristles that won't pull or tug on your hair, causing less fallout and less hair damage than a hairbrush normally would. A hairbrush has a lot of bristles, allowing for more hair to get stuck on the brush and causing more hair to fall out, as well as causing split ends. The combination of split ends and dry hair, can cause the hair to look more damaged, which is why we recommend using a hair comb to brush your hair.

Natural Hair and Hairstyles

Reducing the number of hair products that you put into your hair and limiting the use of heat are other ways that will make your hair appear healthier during any season. That is why Active Care has created the 3-Step Kits, to make it simple and easy for you to keep your products within the same line as well as made with simple and naturally derived ingredients to make sure that your scalp and hair health is nothing less than healthy. When your hair is healthier there is no need for heating tools, which will make it easier for you to let go of the extra heat damage. Natural hairstyles are the perfect way for you to protect your hair while minimizing heat damage from the sun. Summer messy buns and braids are ideal, as they create the perfect summer waves when letting them loose.

We hope you enjoyed reading our hair tips for taking care of your hair during the summer, check out the Active Care 3-Step Kits for more information on how to keep your hair and scalp healthy this summer.

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