6 Surprising Ways to Hide and Disguise Thinning Hair, Part 1

6 Surprising Ways to Hide and Disguise Thinning Hair, Part 1

Having naturally thick, strong, luscious hair is something we all strive for. Unfortunately, many of us — both men and women — have to contend with thinning hair as a result of aging, stress, hair conditions like alopecia, using heated styling tools, poor diet, overprocessing, and using the wrong hair care products. Fortunately, there are a number of surprising ways you can not only hide your thinning hair issues, but there are also steps you can take to improve the health of your hair and scalp to achieve thicker, longer hair that looks and feels amazing.

Today, the scalp and hair experts at Active Care will share five ways you can hide those patches of thinning hair while giving your hair a boost of nutrients to promote healthy hair growth and fight against thinning. Head over to Active Care to shop our collection of specially formulated products for thinning hair and find the customized treatment to address your specific needs.

Helpful Hints for Hiding Thinning Hair

Try Cool Styling Methods

Styling your hair with heated tools can contribute to the appearance of thinning hair while damaging the hair’s texture. When you smooth out your hair with a flat iron to get perfectly straight hair, or you twist your hair with a curling iron to get bouncy curls, the heat can cause the hair strands to look dry and brittle. What’s more, if you have the styling tool’s temperatures set too high, you are likely burning off strands of hair without evening knowing it. As a result, your hair can actually look thinner than it actually is.

Hint: Style your hair with tools that don’t require heat. Velcro rollers are one of the easiest ways to achieve voluminous hair without the use of heat. These heatless rollers come in a variety of sizes for all lengths of hair. Simply set your hair on the rollers in sections and let them sit for a minimum of 10-minutes. Velcro rollers give you the bounce and volume to disguise hair thinning issues and leave your hair looking and feeling soft.  

Go Light

Whether you have grey hairs you want to cover up, or if your hair is a darker color, lightening your hair a few shades can reduce the appearance of thinning hair. While you won’t want to stress out your scalp and hair even more by over-processing it, going slightly lighter without bleaching your hair, and touching up your color — especially the roots — every few months is a great way to hide the appearance of hair loss. Plus, coloring your hair with high-quality coloring products that your stylist uses is a great way to enlarge the cuticle, which creates added volume on the hair strands.

Hint: Don’t go dramatically lighter. Instead, collaborate with your stylist to find a subtle color and tone that will accentuate your natural hair color, cover up greys (if necessary), and disguise the appearance of thinning hair.

Go Short

Sometimes the best way to reduce the visibility of patches of thinning hair is to chop it off. Cutting your hair is a great way to eliminate dry, damaged hair that can sometimes weigh the rest of your hair down, thereby enhancing the visibility of thinning hair, especially when the hair loss is noticeable in your part. By lobbing off those locks, you can naturally enhance your hair’s volume for healthier looking hair.

Hint: Collaborate with your stylist to create a cut that fits your hair type (e.g., straight, curly, wavey, etc.) and that also accentuates your natural features and the shape of your face. Have your stylist cut strategic layers for added volume to create the illusion of thick hair.  

Layered Cut

If you prefer to keep your long locks, find a cut that allows you to style your hair in such a way as to hide any thin patches, while also creating the illusion of thick, voluminous hair. Oftentimes, when all your hair strands are the same length, this can weigh your hair down, making it look dull, thin, and lackluster. Adding in layers, on the other hand, creates the illusion of thick, bouncy hair that is free of hair thinning and hair loss. What’s more, you can play with different styling techniques to further disguise the appearance of thinning hair.

Hint: Work with your stylist to add strategic layers to your hair for fullness and bounce. Talk to your stylist about styling techniques that can accentuate your layered cut. And guys, layering isn’t just for women! The layered looks great on both men and women, regardless of the length of your hair.  

Hair Blowout

Sometimes a good ol’ fashioned blowout is just what you need to cover up the appearance of thinning hair. You can achieve big volume by simply styling your hair with a good blow dryer and round brush. The key here is to not do more damage to your hair with high temperatures and an improper brush. It is also essential to use styling products that protect your hair from the heat and give your scalp and hair a nice boost of nourishment, volume, and hydration to further protect against hair damage, hair thinning, and hair loss.

Hint: Invest in a good, salon-quality blow dryer that features multiple temperature and power settings, and has ionic qualities to protect your hair from damage when styling. Next, find a good round brush in a size that matches your hair length. You will want a larger round brush for longer hair, a medium round brush for shoulder-length hair, and a smaller round brush for shorter hair cuts above the shoulders. The best type of round brush to use for volumizing your hair without damaging its texture is a boar-bristle brush.

Before styling, add a small amount of hair volumizing lotion or a volumizing booster to revitalize and nourish the hair. Next, begin styling each section of hair from the root to the end with your round brush. Pull each section away from the scalp and in the opposite direction from which the hair grows naturally. Try to use the medium heat setting on your blow dryer while using the cool button feature or cool temperature setting on each section before moving onto the next. Once you have blown out your entire head of hair, blast your hair with the cool setting again to calm the hair.

Heal Hair from Root to Tip

If you experience thinning hair, Active Care offers a wide selection of customized hair care products for thinning hair that are specially formulated to heal your locks from root to tip. Healthy, luscious hair begins at the scalp, so finding a scalp treatment that nourishes the hair follicles creates a solid foundation for strong, thick hair to grow from. Visit Active Care to get started on a scalp care regimen featuring key ingredients like Procapil that are designed to renew hair growth and prevent hair thinning. Feel free to contact our friendly customer care team with any questions you have about our hair care treatments.

Looking for scalp and hair supplements to enhance your hair care regimen? Be sure to check out our exclusive line of natural supplements packed with key skin and hair vitamins for hair that looks and feels incredible. Each of our Pro|Gen Phase 1 Ideal Complex Booster lines for men and women has been carefully formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients for effectiveness.

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