3 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Scalp, Part 2

3 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Scalp, Part 2

Thank you for joining us for part two of our short blog series focusing on improving and maintaining a healthy scalp. For many, scalp problems such as dryness, inflamed scalp, and oily scalp are issues they must combat daily — but there’s hope! As scalp care experts, we are dedicated to offering effective solutions to your scalp and hair health issues so you can achieve healthier, stronger, thicker hair. Along with offering effective hair and scalp care products, here at Pro|Gen Labs we have many helpful scalp care tips to share with you. Here are the tips we shared with you in our last post for improving the health of your scalp:

  • Maintain a regular scalp care regimen by cleansing your scalp and hair every two to three days.
  • Exfoliate your scalp using a natural bristle brush daily and applying an exfoliating mask once or twice a month.
  • Condition your scalp to eliminate dry, flaky skin that clogs hair follicles and slows hair growth.

Let’s explore three more tips for you to consider to improve and maintain a healthy scalp for strong, luscious hair.  

Improve Your Diet

Your diet affects your scalp and hair health. It is essential to give your body the nutrients it needs to not only support your whole-body health, but also to nourish your scalp and strengthen your hair. For instance, if you suffer from dry, flaky hair, you’ll want to get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from fish like salmon, and nuts like walnuts and almonds. Zinc is also crucial for strong hair and a healthy scalp, so get your fill of zinc from shellfish, pumpkin seeds, and beef. Antioxidants found in fruits like blueberries combat free radicals that contribute to diseases and illnesses that can affect your scalp and hair. Add in these nutrient-rich foods to your diet — your scalp will thank you!

Protect Your Scalp From the Sun

It is especially important to protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays produced by the sun. Just as you slather on sunscreen to prevent sunburns on your skin, your scalp can become burnt, too, which leads to peeling and can contribute to thinning hair. Apply spray-on sunscreen to your scalp and wear a hat when spending time in the sun.

Use Specially Formulated Scalp Treatments

If you suffer from dry, flaky scalp or dandruff, for instance, you will need to apply a specially formulated scalp and hair treatment to treat distressed hair. Many dandruff shampoos and conditioners contain zinc, which can help nourish dry skin to prevent dandruff. Using Pro|Gen scalp care products, such as our plant-based Pro|Gen Comfort collection, can optimize the health of your scalp by soothing discomfort and stimulating healthy cell production, leaving your hair looking and feeling magnificent.

Start a Pro|Gen Regimen Today

If you want to restore balance to your scalp while stimulating healthy hair growth, visit Pro|Gen Active Care to shop our collection of revolutionary hair and scalp care products. Our plant-based scalp treatments are specially formulated to nourish your scalp while strengthening your hair follicles for healthier, gorgeous hair that looks and feels better. Visit Pro|Gen Labs today to learn which of our hair care treatments is right for you.

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