3 Surprising Ways You’re Destroying Your Hair, Part 1

3 Surprising Ways You’re Destroying Your Hair, Part 1

Having silky, thick, beautiful hair is something we would all prefer, but the everyday things we do to our hair can make it look dry, dull, and lifeless. What’s more, for those who are prone to hair loss or have noticed thinning hair as they age, the way you treat your hair daily is even more crucial to not only ensuring the fullness of your hair, but also the health of your scalp.

Three Surprising Ways You’re Destroying Your Hair, Part 1

In today’s post, the hair professionals at Active Care will explore five ways you might be destroying your hair without even knowing it, which could be contributing to an array of hair conditions — including partial or full hair loss.

Using the Wrong Brush

The brushes you use to smooth, detangle, and style your hair daily could be doing more harm than good. You will want to use a hairbrush that matches your hair type. For instance, if you have fine hair or damaged hair, using a brush with rubber-tipped bristles can make it easier for the brush to glide through your hair. For thicker hair, a brush with natural bristles is ideal.

Tip: Whichever brush you use, avoid aggressive brushing and opt instead for slow and gentle strokes. This will reduce damage to your ends should you come across a tangle.

Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet

When your hair is wet, it is more elastic and, thus, more susceptible to damage. Brushing wet hair can elongate the shafts of hair, causing breakage and split ends to appear.  

Tip: Before gently towel drying your hair (or using the t-shirt drying method), spray on a mist of detangler and carefully run your fingers through the strands of hair to detangle it without pulling. Once it’s somewhat dry, use a wide tooth comb such as a pick to gently separate the strands of hair before running your brush through.

Forgetting to Treat Your Scalp

Healthy, strong hair starts at the scalp, and when you forget to show your scalp a little TLC, your hair will suffer. It is essential to include a scalp therapy treatment in your grooming and beauty regimen to ensure the hair follicles are not clogged with oil, dirt, and product buildup. What’s more, soothing, nourishing, and hydrating the scalp can help your hair grow long and strong while standing up to all the stress you put your hair through on a daily basis.

Tip: Visit Active Care to discover how Pro|Gen Balance, Prop|Gen Comfort, and Pro|Gen Deep Cleansing can improve the health of your scalp.

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